Saturday, November 01, 2008

This is an email I recieved

I don't know who John is but he certaily set Aivars off!
Great stuff!


Thanks for the eloquent retort. I think you misunderstand what the word liberal has come to mean in American politics. Classic Liberalism couldn’t be further from the type of fascism that is beginning to openly rear its head in our political arenas. Before you go wild-eyed with rage, the term fascism is misunderstood by nearly everyone who utters it. Automatically one sees goosestepping nazis and Hitler. To an extent you’re correct but that was a perversion of fascism as it was originally intended by Mussolini. I don’t want to bore you with the details but left-leaning people in the US had embraced the “vision” of Mussolini in the pre-war years. His ideas were revered as noble by the left and even some more right-leaning folks. this type of “progressive” thinking gave today’s “liberal” ideology it’s foundation. Of course during and after the war Hitler and Mussolini were lumped together and the Communists became evryone’s fall guy for EVIL. Truth is, all three were basically the same economic, ideological and political systems with some minor differences. They all look at government as the giver of prosperity and everyone’s keeper. They all sought to spread the wealth. They all held that healthcare was a God-given (for lack of a better term) right. They also all shunned religion and the belief in a higher being – save worshipping the state.

What this all boils down to is a shift towards socialism/Marxism/communism/fascism(take your pick) and a sickening shift away from the United States Constitution. I’m surprised that you haven’t learned about it in your process of becoming a citizen! The bottom line is that our economic woes don’t stem from “capitalist policies” but rather from attempts at “equalizing the playing field for those desrving souls who could not afford mortgages”. Sounds like a socialist/leftist policy to me. Oh, yeah, it was started by Carter and expanded by Clinton . The fact that certain politicians couldn’t keep their hands off of the money in those two silly little companies only compounded the problem while a Democrat controlled congress repeatedly stood in the way for calls (from either side of the aisle) to reel in the mortgage backed securities and try to regulate. The problem is not in the sytem – it is fundamentally in the attempt to spread wealth and give to those who have not earned something as if everything is a right! Entitlements are not covered by the Constitution.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t much like McCain but I despise Obama for what his “vision of change” is for this great country. It’s a slap in the face to the founding fathers who, in my estimation, were a perfect storm of genius men. The rules they wrote (and they were remarkably minimal) have stood the test of time. Their form of government and call for this country’s citizens to be responsible for themselves and their own families was a huge departure from anything before and certainly anything to come since. Yet, after so many failed experiments in “social change” and “social justice” and attempts at economic fairness and equality, some people still seem to be drawn towards the ever elusive, unattainable utopian dream. As our affluence has grown some have grown apologetic for their success and decided that others less fortunate should have all that they have. Noble thought but life doesn’t work that way. When people get something for free, without working for it, they lose their appetite to work and claw in order to succeed. They become lazy. People have always been like this and they always will so remain.

Your quaint talking points about Obama’s “pals” don’t hold water either. All of these associations come together to prove that he aligns himself with radical leftists (seeks them out according to his own book) that are against the fundamentals set forth in the US Constitution and the basis of our unmatched political and economic systems.

As far as Bush’s mumbling, stumbling and bumbling – have you ever heard your hero respond to a question or comment that he has no notes or practice on. Well I’d say he gives Mayor Ed Koch a run for his money on ahhs, errs and umms. Just because he delivers a well practiced speech doesn’t give him substance. Used car salesmen have pretty good shticks; would you buy a car from one? Anyway, talk about a tired association: McCain=Bush. Talk about fear-mongering. They’re not the same. Never were. I honestly don’t think Bush and McCain even get along.

When was there ever a democrat who had a new idea that was better than what is already spelled out in the constitution? They sure like to point out what conservatives may have goofed on but do they have a way to solve anything without increasing the size of government and spending of OUR HARD EARNED MONEY? You’ll have to point out the instance because it escapes me if it has indeed occurred.

Fact is Obama will plunge us head long into a true recession (just like Hoover did) and he will grow spending (his own words to the tune of over a trillion $) and by default grow government. We can’t afford any of it!

Since you are wary of any politician (as am I) remember this stupid fact – As the government makes mistakes it grows. As a business makes mistakes it usually shrinks and eventually ceases to exist. If you look at how huge and intrusive today’s federal government is just think about how much it has screwed up to grow so large. Then ask yourself if you really trust them to run your economy, healthcare system, social security or anything else for that matter.

At the end of the day aren’t you the person you most trust with the things that are most important to you?

Oh, one last thing, remember that, due to the huge increase in voter registrations by ACORN and the subsequent huge voter turnout expected, the polls will be open to conservatives and other like-minded folk as scheduled on Nov. 4th. All libs and other such freedom-haters will be warmly welcomed on Nov. 5th.

Stop trying to ruin my country! If you don’t like the system, please move to Venezuela , Cuba , Russia or, hell, even France . Leave the US Constitution alone.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election 2008: The Titanic is Sinking - We’re Voting for the Iceberg?

One of the strangest stories to be written about in the future will tell of the election of 2008. It is utterly insane how events are taking shape to make us all vote in those who are cheering the Iceberg.

Why I say this is quite simple. The complete economic meltdown that we are now witnessing is 100% caused by the Community Reinvestment Act.

Watch this video now and understand it all. Watch the Democrats themselves saying there is no problem.