Saturday, May 03, 2008

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Three Presidential Candidates, Three Weird Approaches to Economic Policy

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I’m going to let you in on a secret you may not have heard yet: The price of gasoline has been rising.

And since it’s a Presidential election, this is populist gold. Each of the candidates has proposed something to do about it. Of course, the high price of fuel is a complex phenomenon with a lot of causes, very few of which are responsive to policy. So the candidates are stuck talking about the thing that government actually can affect: the level of Federal taxation.

Their responses are distinct, and illuminating.

Let’s start with Senator McCain, who kicked off the gas-tax derby a few weeks ago in Pittsburgh, with his proposal for a Federal gas-tax “holiday” over the summer months. Sounds great, feels good, doesn’t do a whole lot of anything permanent, and certainly does nothing to alter the underlying market dynamics.


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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Out of touch

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Take Action
Aren’t Fuel Prices High Enough!?!?

Take Action now to put the brakes on higher energy taxes!

How are we supposed to afford to take our kids to school and get to work when the liberals in Congress slap even more taxes on our fuel costs?

Raising taxes on domestic energy production hits Americans as energy consumers, but liberals in Congress are also going to raid your 401(k) and pension funds, which are heavily invested in energy companies. There's no right time for new taxes. But now is especially a bad time with the economy running on fumes under the heat of the mortgage meltdown.

The bad news doesn't stop there. The new energy taxes would even further reduce our nation's energy security and tilt the competitive playing field for global energy resources against the United States and toward our foreign competitors. New energy taxes? No thanks.

Tell your Senator and Representative to fight the liberal energy tax-hike agenda in Congress!

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Hillary Vs O'Rielly

When asked if she was a socialist she said "Was Teddy Roosevelt?"
"No, He was a great American."

Well, Yes! He was a Socialist/Fascist!

The Guru behind Roosevelt's New Nationalism was Herbert Croly the founder of the New republic.

In his book "The promise of American Life." he made these fascist points.

* The need to mobilize society like an army
* Call for a 'spiritual' rebirth
* the need for great revolutionary leaders
* reliance on manufactured, unifying, national myths
* a contempt for parliamentary democracy
* Non-Marxist socialism
* Nationalism
* The need to make politics into a religion
* Hostility to individualism

This was Teddy and is what Hillary believes.
So the answer is yes! Hillary is a socialist/ fascist.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Chaos over Paul cuts short gathering

After a super-majority of Ron Paul supporters captured control of the Republican state convention Saturday, state party officials abruptly canceled the event without electing delegates to the national convention.

Early in the day, state delegates supporting Paul's continued pursuit of the Republican nomination voted through a rules change that forced the state party to abandon its preset ballot of potential national convention delegates and open up the race to the rest of the state delegates.

The vote followed a rousing speech by Paul of Texas, who said his presidential campaign will continue as long as he has support.

But as the convention continued into the evening, chairman Bob Beers said the party's contract for the hall at the Peppermill Resort Casino had expired and the event would be rescheduled.

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Clinton blasts Bush for not stopping a project her husband approved

INDIANAPOLIS — It's a story Hillary Clinton loves to tell, about how the Chinese government bought a good American company in Indiana, laid off all its workers and moved its critical defense technology work to China.

What Clinton never tells in the oft-repeated tale is the role prominent Democrats played in selling the company and its technology to the Chinese. She never mentions that big-time Democratic contributor George Soros helped put together the deal to sell the company, or that the sale was approved by the administration of her husband.
"Hillary Clinton must have been hoping we Hoosiers have short memories," Ed Dixon of Valparaiso said in a letter to a local newspaper after a recent Clinton visit. "Her husband was president at the time and allowed this to happen."

And it's a story with a dramatic, political ending. Republican President George W. Bush could have stopped it, but didn't.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its hard to grasp the hate.

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He's back! Who cares?!

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Dukakis: It's Probably Obama in '08, But the Campaign Needs to Improve

The Massachusetts Democratic primary, along with nearly two dozen other primaries and caucuses, was held on Feb. 5. Hillary Clinton won it by 15 points, one of her best showings anywhere this year, and Michael Dukakis voted in it—but he won’t say for whom.

“If Obama wins both of those states on the sixth of May, I don’t see how as a practical matter he doesn’t have it,” Mr. Dukakis, who officially clinched the Democratic nomination in June 1988, said in an interview this week.

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The most influential US political pundits: 50-41 - Telegraph

The most influential US political pundits: 50-41 - Telegraph

The Top 10 Political Pundits In The USA are:
1- Rush Limbaugh
2- Michael Savage
3- Sean Hanitty
4- Ann Coulter
5- Laura Ingraham
6- Larry Elders
7- Tammy Bruce
8- Bill Kristol
9- Bob Grant
10 Charles Krauthammer