Sunday, October 10, 2004

Some quotes from kerry's pals

Jackson told worshippers their political concerns are issues that touch their everyday lives, not gay marriage.

"I see disturbing signs today that some of our churches have been confused by wolves in sheep's' clothing," Jackson said. "How did someone else put their agenda in the front of the line?"

"November 2, the power is in your hands, hands that once picked cotton," Jackson said.

Added Sharpton: "Everything we have fought for, marched for, gone to jail for — some died for — could be reversed if the wrong people are put on the Supreme Court."

Speakers avoided criticizing President Bush by name, since they were in church, but he was indirectly vilified.

Former Rep. Carrie Meek said Kerry is "fighting against liars and demons. ... He challenges the man who walks with a jaunty step." She rocked her hips in an imitation of Bush's swagger as the congregation cheered and Kerry laughed from his high-backed seat behind the pulpit.

The left and the Taliban

I love to argue politics. I think that arguement is what makes this country great. I do not think that those who disagree with me are evil or crazy. The Taliban and other fascist fundamentalists brlieve it is Gods will that they succeed, and they may do anything to make this happen. So does the left in this country believe they may do anything to win, that the future depends on defeating the evil Right. Unlike the Taliban the left does not believe in God and wants to erase any mention of Him from our lives but they are religous zealots nonetheless. The supreme court ruled that secular Humanism can be defined as a religion. The left will do anything, Voter intimidation, attacking Bush campaign headquarters is many states, voter fraud in Chicago, LA, and St. Louis. All these tactics ar tactics used by the Taliban in Afghanistan! The only thing we have not seen is the left blowing something up. The left is dying just like the Taliban and as they die they will strike out, fight, scream and do other irational things. I wish they would step back from the edge od oblivian and just talk about it. I believe in the two party system, I just wish they did.