Friday, June 02, 2006

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"The Truth Behind The Numbers"

"The DHS awards of block grants for the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) touched off a fiery round of criticism, with some calling for George Bush to fire DHS chief Michael Chertoff after seeing funding cut to New York City and Washington, DC. However, a look at the numbers calls the accuracy of this blamethrowing into serious question."
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Six Powers Reach Accord On Iran Plan

"VIENNA, June 1 -- The United States and five other major world powers agreed Thursday to offer Iran a broad new collection of rewards if it halts its drive to master nuclear technology, but they threatened 'further steps in the Security Council' if Iran refuses.

The agreement, announced here by British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett following extended talks, brings general unity to the countries' approach to Iran after months of discord, diplomats said. It is intended to sharpen the choice facing Iran, giving it a clear reason to opt for cooperation over confrontation on its nuclear program."
Washington post

Do we really think this will work?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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Thanks Union Bosses!

"Our labor officialdom, on the whole, is a bureaucracy so obsessed
with retaining its own power in its unions that it curbs the rights
of its own membership."
—Author and labor reformer Herman Benson,
“Rebels, Reformers, and Racketeers,” 2005

The truth hurts. The pure idea of unions looking out
for the working man is wonderful,
but the reality is far from this utopian idea.